Happy New Year!

It’s such a great time of year. Everyone is so celebratory. Today being New Years Eve I feel very reminiscent of the past year. I have been asked many times this past year how does a little independent grocery store survive in this climate of big box stores and the swear word “Walmart” selling groceries. My answer is easy the bigger the stores get the more people want a little store that has it all. Lakeview Market being an independent has the ability to also buy from many small suppliers. 

Another comment I got from a new customer was “How nice it is that you hire senior citizens”. It made me laugh and I said to her “We didn’t hire them as seniors…people just never leave Lakeview after they start working here”. Which is the main reason why Lakeview Market is such a success…our great staff, it makes me love coming to work everyday. 

From our Lakeview Market family to yours Happy New Year!

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