Turkey day is coming!

What is the must have at your Thanksgiving dinner table: brussel sprouts, warm dinner buns, free range turkey, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie?

Lakeview Market is the place to pick up all of your home-grown fixings for your Thanksgiving dinner. At this time of year lets give thanks for the beautiful valley we live in by supporting our local farmers. Items you can get at Lakeview that are grown in Kelowna: pumpkin, squash, prune plums, green peppers, coronation grapes, pears and a variety of apples. We also have many other items (too many to name) in our produce department that are B.C. grown. The meat department also keeps it local by getting our fresh free range turkeys from Keremeos. Order yours today (250) 762-2913.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the fans of Lakeview Market!

“If you want to shop locally,

we have already done it for you.”


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